Thanks for visiting! My name is Sarah Pohlig and I'm the founder of Chatham Fullstack. What does "fullstack" mean? Fullstack means we handle the front-end (what you see on the screen), the back-end (all the processes you don't see that help the site run smoothly), and the database. Think of us as your one-stop shop. 
I started this business in the summer of 2020 with a couple of developers that I'd worked with for the previous two years, to act as consultants (and generally to be smarter than me!)
My background is in .NET and Visual Basic, and I worked for four years creating custom solutions for manufacturing applications in Chapel Hill. My next adventure was lead developer for an outfit that created community engagement platforms - websites - for retirement communities, in Carrboro. When the pandemic hit and schools shut down, it only made sense to start my own website development business. And here we are!